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TAC is a Health Links Preferred Vendor for Workforce Wellness




Health Links™ is a signature program of the Center for Health, Work and Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health. Their mission is to collaborate with employers to build a culture of health and safety in the workplace. 

Health Links offers an online assessment for businesses as an objective tool to measure their workplace culture of health and safety. Health Links recognizes businesses that champion worker well-being and safety through Health Links™ Healthy Business Certification. Health Links provides individualized advising to businesses to create goals and action steps aimed at improving worksite health and safety, connects like-minded businesses, and shares resources that can help businesses reach their health and safety goals.  The Health Links™ Healthy Business Network is a network of Health Links certified businesses across Colorado that share a commitment toward building health and safety in the workplace.

The Health Links Preferred Vendor Program is a network of service providers whose services promote worker health, safety, and well-being. The Aspen Clinic was selected as a Health Links Preferred for our high quality services that improve employee and community health. 

Health Links advisors promote preferred businesses, such as TAC, to small business owners and wellness coordinators to connect them to organizations that provide the best health and safety services for their needs.

The Aspen Clinic is also Healthy Business Certified, demonstrating our commitment to workplace wellness.



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Healthlinks Preferred Vendors have been carefully selected to meet the unique needs of small businesses and have been selected for quality and reliability.
TAC has been recognized as a Certified Leaders. TAC was required to demonstrate evidence-based benchmarks for multicomponent health and safety programs that reach all employees and their families
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