Tips to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Over the Holidays

Pumpkin pie, candy canes, and egg nog galore!  These holiday treats, as well as many other delicious eats, often make our taste buds water and evoke special memories made around the holiday season.  For many, the abundance of holiday food makes it hard for to stick to healthy eating routines that have been established throughout the year.  Let’s look at a few tips that can be beneficial to staying on track--don’t worry, you won’t have to miss out on your favorites!

#1) Stick to holiday eating once a week: Oftentimes, we have mounds of leftovers after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, leading us to overeat our favorite holiday foods multiple days in a row.  Holiday parties can also creep in.  Try to stick to eating your holiday treats once a week, rather than making them an everyday affair throughout the season can help you stay on track.

#2) Swap in sparkling water:  Cocktails and bubbly are quite common throughout the holiday season but can often be a high calorie indulgence.  Try adding in and alternating a sparkling water for every alcoholic beverage you enjoy.  Not only will it keep off the pounds, it can keep you hydrated!

#3) Keep snacks on hand:  Holiday shopping and the stress of the season can cause you to forget to eat, leaving you reaching for the donuts later in the day.  Be prepared and keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day by putting some healthy snacks like almonds, nut butters, apples, or granola bars in your purse or car.  

#4) Put Down the Fork: Instead of shoveling food into your mouth and stuffing yourself to the brim, put you fork down and let go of it while you chew.  Pay attention to how each bite tastes and enjoy the flavors of the season.  This trick also allows you to pay attention to how full you are and prevent overeating.

Submitted by:

Kylee Van Horn

Registered Dietitian

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