Merging of TAC Fitness and Burn Fitness Studio

Merging of TAC Fitness and Burn Fitness Studio

Combination of Services Highlights TAC Fitness Mission

Basalt, Colorado, April 1, 2016


TAC Fitness (The Aspen Clinic) located in Basalt, Colorado, today announced an addition to its fitness services – Burn Fitness Studio.

The merge creates an opportunity for members and guests to experience the TAC Fitness Studio with Burn classes and expertise.  Burn’s programs and classes are proven-effective, medically-endorsed and accessible for every skill-level and body-type – all of these classes will now be available under the TAC Fitness banner.

Amanda Wagner, President and CEO of TAC Fitness, stated, "We love being a part of developing a whole mind-body approach to fitness - we are much more than a gym. We are an individual’s and an employer’s one-stop-shop for all things health and wellness - nutrition, health coaching and workforce wellness. The addition of Burn means that there is something for everyone, and being a part of TAC is the perfect addition to your health and wellness repertoire of activities”.

Denise Latousek added, "Burn has always been dedicated to our customers.  The cornerstone of our business is building lasting relationships that ensure a successful health regimen. And this merger with TAC will ensure our clients can continue with their favorite programs and amazing instructors”.

A variety of high quality classes, now available at one location, will give members and visiting guests the opportunity to experience an even greater range of services at TAC Fitness.

TAC, created in 2011, has an extensive list of fitness and wellness professionals, who are a part of the services offered for community members and visitors to the Roaring Fork Valley.  In addition to a fitness facility (equipped with locker rooms as well as steam rooms and saunas), there are nutrition, counseling, and physical assessments available - to help participants find the most effective road to reaching their wellness goals.

For more information on the fitness and wellness services offered by TAC, and to ask questions or become a member, please visit, email or call 970-279-5412.

Questions & Answers for the TAC Fitness and Burn Studio Merge

1. What happens with current Burn memberships?

All current Burn members will get to keep their membership until they run out of punches or their membership expires. From there they will have the option of choosing the membership that works for them from TAC.  All TAC members can go to Burn!

2. Can Burn Members go to TAC?

Burn members are free to come to TAC and take classes, experience our performance center or use the gym. But all Burn members - NEED TO FILL OUT A NEW RELEASE WAIVER AND HEALTH HISTORY before they can work out. We will make this as easy as possible!

3.  Where are the Burn Classes at?

Burn will operate ‘as is’ for the next 2 weeks. On Saturday (4/15) after classes, we will move everything over to the TAC studio. Starting on 4/17 the Burn classes will be merged in with the TAC classes.

4. How do TAC and Burn Memberships work?

If you have a current membership with TAC, you can go to all of the TAC and Burn classes.  If you have a current membership with Burn, you can go to all of the TAC and Burn classes.

Stay tuned for the entire class schedule!  You will be able to find ALL of both TAC and Burn classes online at www.The!


TAC Fitness and Wellness Center is located in Basalt, Colorado.  We are more than a gym!  We offer consultations and coaching for all of your health needs - to make sure that your results are attainable and long-lasting.  As a health club that truly cares about the whole person, TAC Fitness is your first step in making wellness choices that will change your life!  

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