Joining TAC Fitness - More Than a Gym!

We have all heard the adage ‘You Are Who You Hang With”.  When it comes to orienting your lifestyle around wellness - finding a community of like-minded people is key.  TAC Fitness is not only a gym - we are a community of like-minded people who view wellness as much more than being “fit”.

Our fitness and wellness experts are people who will make you feel welcome and comfortable - helping members to quickly and easily find the program and classes that are best for them.  When you come to the facilities you will feel welcome and safe - with a wide range of amenities and access to a whole-body and whole-mind approach to wellness.

Joining TAC Fitness is more than just ‘joining a gym’!

From the National Fitness Trade Journal (Summer 2017, Page 42

1. The gym is a state of mind, refuge, and social club.

2. The gym is about commitment.

3. The gym is a lifestyle with benefits.

TAC Fitness wants you to come and experience the community that we have and continue to build.  Our first-rate facilities are just the beginning!  Talk to one of our experts and begin the journey to a new and healthier lifestyle!  Remember, you are who you hang with - join the best fitness facility in the Roaring Fork Valley!


TAC Fitness and Wellness Center is located in Basalt, Colorado.  We are more than a gym!  We offer consultations and coaching for all of your health needs - to make sure that your results are attainable and long-lasting.  As a health club that truly cares about the whole person, TAC Fitness is your first step in making wellness choices that will change your life!  

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TAC has been recognized as a Certified Leaders. TAC was required to demonstrate evidence-based benchmarks for multicomponent health and safety programs that reach all employees and their families
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