Get Back Your Back!

A Spine That Works For You!

This workshop will help you overcome back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, become better skiers, tennis players, runners, golfers and many other sports.

This group class will contain innovative movement exercises and expert guidance of how to do them to help create new neural patterns that increase strength, flexibility, ease and vitality in the body. Whether you are in good health or have a limiting diagnosis, the method gives you tools to make the impossible possible and to live life more fully, with greater joy and success.

Because we are re-patterning neural pathways in the brain using movement, you will actually learn new patterns which will then become part of the pool you will instinctively choose from when presented with a new situation or different skill requirement.

This group class is done in a format that looks a bit like yoga sometimes but is actually very different from yoga or Pilates or any other classes in the valley.

Students will be guided through a series of connected movements while they are sitting, standing, kneeling or lying down. The movements are easy to do, gentle and done slowly with close attention to the quality and effort involved.

NeuroMovement®/The Anat Baniel Method SM is a holistic approach to human functioning and action,based in the understanding that the brain organizes all movement. NeuroMovement®/ABM is a cutting-edge, science-based approach that transforms the lives of children and adults, helping them move beyond pain and limitation. By accessing the amazing powers of the brain to change itself (brain plasticity) the method helps people discover how to improve the mind and body dramatically enhancing physical, cognitive, emotional, and creative performance.

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