Find Your Function - Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

As we settle into this year we are faced with the question “What will make my desire to refine my life, stick?" I was introduced to the Inspire Triangle by my coach Evan and it has indeed shifted my perspective on what has been recently getting in the way of me making sustainable changes in my life. At the top of the triangle is that thing that makes you come alive! On the left side, lies your ownership of staying true to the path that is unfolding before you and on the right side is the fact that you alone are accountable and responsible for sticking with and excelling at that pursuit that lights you up!

Mountain biking gives me that type of glee. I am an intermediate rider that has been hiding behind being ‘good enough’ for far too long. The Inspire Triangle has given me the kick in the butt I needed to step up and challenge myself to grow. I signed up for the Bailey Hundito, a 50 mile mountain bike race in June and now it’s go time. I will be using the Function Movement Screen (FMS) screen as my starting point. 

The FMS is comprised of 7 different exercises that test your mobility and stability at your end ranges of motion. These movement patterns are what enabled you to evolve from a crawl to a walk. They are wired into your being. The cool part about the screen is that it reveals where I am compensating and gives me an accurate read on my weakest link. Once I’m clear on where my path begins, I can systematically use corrective exercises to change my movement behavior. The idea is to create a positive short term response in my body that will improve a specific movement pattern. I can then challenge and change that pattern with dynamic movements that will encourage my body to adapt to a more efficient and easeful way of moving.

I will be sharing my journey with you, including the exercises that work for me on my path to brining more balance, ease and strength to my life; both on and off the bike. I have a hunch it’s going to start with working on my core strength. Here goes!

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