Coach's Corner - 12 Week Running Program

This week the "Coach's Corner" features all three coaches from the TAC Performance Center and the topic is Coach Jen's 12 Week Running Program. This episode packs a lot in and covers the following topics:

- The most common thing runners neglect during their training

- The importance of group training runs
- A comprehensive breakdown of Coach Jen's 12 Week Running Program
- A list of Coach Jen's favorite local races
- Hilarity and outtakes from all three coaches

Coach Jen Mendez and Coach Mary Cotes are both extremely accomplished runners and athletes in the endurance world. They will work with you to improve your running mechanics, strength, stride efficiency, and aerobic capacity in a fun group environment. Only a few spots are still available and the program begins on Wednesday, April 19th

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TAC Fitness and Wellness Center is located in Basalt, Colorado.  We are more than a gym!  We offer consultations and coaching for all of your health needs - to make sure that your results are attainable and long-lasting.  As a health club that truly cares about the whole person, TAC Fitness is your first step in making wellness choices that will change your life! 

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