Calling All Golfers!!! Move better, Feel better, Play better!

Coach Parker Condit will be putting on a clinic for golfers to pair up with the beginning of golf season starting the second week in April. This clinic is more about re-establishing adequate range of motion through your shoulders, hips, and spine than it is analyzing your swing. 

“It's my assumption that golfers coming to this clinic will already know how to swing a club and it will be my job to provide your body with mobility and flexibility to get through that swing,” - Coach Parker

Beyond working on mobility and flexibility, the clinic will work to increase rotational power for faster club speed. This is largely a factor of sequencing (the order of body parts moving) not necessarily raw strength. Below is a video about dissociation, one of the key factors for proper swing sequencing. 

Here is a video link to watch concerning this:

If you have questions about the Golf Clinic, please feel free to reach out to Coach Parker directly via email - Parker@TheAspenClinic.Org 

TAC Fitness and Wellness Center is located in Basalt, Colorado.  We are more than a gym!  We offer consultations and coaching for all of your health needs - to make sure that your results are attainable and long-lasting.  As a health club that truly cares about the whole person, TAC Fitness is your first step in making wellness choices that will change your life! 

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