Brazil Nuts…Crazy Good For You


The outstanding health benefit of brazil nuts is that they are incredibly rich in Selenium. Selenium is a powerful anitioxidant that fights against free radicals in the body, protecting against disease and illnesses, reducing inflammation and helping to maintain healthy thyroid function. One serving contains 700% of your daily selenium intake!

NOTE: Brazil nuts are the best way to get our daily requirement of Selenium! No need for supplements, snack on a handful of brazil nuts and you’ll have obtained all the selenium your body needs!

Youthful, Glowing Skin

Being loaded with antioxidants, Brazil nuts can reduce the occurrence of wrinkles considerably. Vitamins A and E help to increase skin collagen, resulting in a smoother complexion. Selenium speeds up cell turnover and provides your complexion with a natural glow. It also promotes skin health by improving the elasticity of the skin, and reducing redness.

Protein Boost

Brazil nuts are good sources of complete protein, which means they provide all essential amino acids needed for our growth, repair and development.

Heart Health

Brazil nuts are bursting with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which help to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular and heart disease.

I am obsessed!

Recipe: Brazil Nut Granola

Try this wonderful recipe for Brazil Nut Granola from Naturally Sassy.

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Lisa Cohen

Nutritionist & Personal Fitness Coach
Lisa Cohen, MS CN, is a Certified Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist with a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science from American Health Sciences University. Lisa has been providing health coaching and nutritional counseling for 15 years and has helped her clients to dramatically improve the quality of their lives through the variety of health and fitness programs that she offers. read more »

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