​​​​Aspen Integrative Medicine

Aspen Integrative Medicine treats patients from Aspen, Vail, Denver, Grand Junction and around the world with the latest innovations in modern and natural medical care. With locations in Aspen and Basalt, Colorado, their physician-supervised clinic specializes in keeping patients healthy and pain-free without resorting to surgery or long-term medications. Using sophisticated, ultrasound-guided proliferative injections as well osteopathic manipulation, and nutritional supplements, Dr. Hughes treats patients at the source of their pain. Along with treating chronic pain from arthritis, bone spurs, herniated discs, Dr. Hughes and the practitioners at Aspen Integrative Medicine also treat major medical problems ranging from high blood pressure, obesity, altitude sickness, sports injuries, back pain, knee sprains, headaches, arthritis, and chronic fatigue.

TBI Therapy

TBI Therapy is a local resource for treatment of head injuries and concussions that may have resulted from sports, auto accidents, falls, military combat, etc. TBI Therapy treats traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients by combining regenerative therapies – including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), intranasal platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and intranasal stem cell therapy – with supplementary nutritional modalities. The procedures and protocols used by our Colorado-based TBI treatment clinic are patent approved, uniquely sophisticated, presently scarce, and at the forefront of neuro-regenerative medicine.

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