TAC Fitness Trainers & Instructors

Amanda Wagner

Health Coach
Personal Trainer
Group Class Instructor

Amanda is Colorado Mountain Girl through and through. Born and raised in Glenwood Springs and a graduate from the University of Colorado with degrees in Psychology and Communication.

She learned quickly out of college that she can't do what she loves if she did not spend time consistently focusing on her personal health and wellness. So after 10 years in the hospitality industry, she quit her job, got her Personal Training and Health Coaching Certifications and helped start TAC. That was 7 years ago. Today, Amanda is still committed to inspiring, cultivating and celebrating health and vitality throughout Colorado. Her aim with TAC is to assist individuals and organizations in total health and encourage awareness of health related issues to empower individuals to lead a healthier and fuller life. She has also created a non-profit arm of TAC called, My Community Health Foundation which helps individuals access health and wellness resources and education. 

Her life motto is: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER."

Jennifer Mendez

Lead Personal Fitness Trainer
Performance Center Co-Director

  • Accreditations:
Personal Trainer/Instructor
CHEK BioMechanics Certified
TPI Certified - Level 2 Golf Fitness Professional
Functional Movement Screen Certified
NASM - Sports Fitness Specialist
NSCA-CSCS Certified

I use a wide variety of fitness tools to bring out the Best in You. My workouts are fun and challenging and will push you in a direction based on your specific goals and needs.

When I left the accounting field in 1998 to pursue my interest in fitness, it immediately became a passion. I have extensive training and certifications which all complement my belief that anyone can have improved posture, flexibility & strength at any age. I specialize in the biomechanics of the body to help each client excel in their sport including golf, tennis, running, skiing, endurance training as well as general fitness. I have a talent for helping my clients overcome back pain and balance issues as well as improving posture, fitness endurance and injury prevention.

I also believe that the body is a system of systems that all work together and feed off each other. I want to help you to discover more about how your body moves and how you can train to feel better, become more energized and stay moving pain free for the many years to come!

Jen has over 30 certifications in the fitness/health field including:

  • Golf BioMechanics (at the renowned CHEK Institute)
  • TPI Golf Fitness Professional – Level 1 & 2 (Titleist Performance Institute)
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) – CPT & Sports Fitness Specialist
  • Integrated Flexibility Training (through NASM)
  • Scientific Back & Scientific Core (CHEK Institute)
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor (finding yours and what foods work best for you)
  • Nutrition Lifestyle Coach (CHEK Institute)

I am a Dallas native and graduated from University of North Texas with an Accounting degree. I have been doing various races since 1992 -- road & trail runs, adventure races, triathlons, marathons, ultra-marathons, winter up-hill races, etc. I also enjoy golfing, biking, hiking and eating! I moved to the valley in 2009 and absolutely love the energy and activity of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Kate Lokken

Performance Center Co-Director & Coach
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Executive Director My Community Health Foundation

Originally from Iowa, I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley 12 years ago. A collegiate athlete in both volleyball and basketball, I have been active my whole life, with a passion for fitness, sport, and nutrition since a young age. I worked with the Aspen Club for several years, developing and executing programs focused around whole health, including the Younger Next Year Total Immersion retreats, a lifestyle change program on how to move better, feel better, and connect into your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I have been fortunate to work under and with some of the best physical therapists, trainers, instructors, and professionals in the industry.


My training philosophy is to improve performance in everyone, no matter the fitness level. Mobility, stability, and proper movement patterns allow individuals to do what they love at all ages. To achieve longevity in health and fitness, it’s critical to emphasize safe and effective foundation training and programming that will enhance the lives of any client. Increases in strength and endurance in the gym transfer into our everyday activities. I work with a variety of individuals, including young athletes, those who strive to manage weight, and those who simply want to feel better by training in the right way to manage or eliminate pain. I believe that by addressing all components of our health (mental, emotional, physical), it gives us the best chance at attaining goals and creating sustainable, lasting change, with exercise being the catalyst.


In addition to being Director of the Performance Center, I run the Dynamic Movement program for the Aspen Valley Community, working with clients with varying stages of dementia. I also serve as Executive Director of My Community Health Foundation, a non-profit striving to improve access to health and wellness resources and education to everyone in the community.


In my free time, you’ll often find me on the volleyball or basketball court, trying out a new sport or activity, or paddle boarding in the summer on the water. I love spending time with my family, my friends, and my dog and taking advantage of the many things this community has to offer.

Amy Honey

Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

I have been in the fitness world as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for almost 20 years. What started as a 'day job' during my starving actor days in Los Angeles has now become a true passion. I believe that fitness and health are two of the greatest gifts, and I find great satisfaction in helping people find the workouts that work for them. I want clients to get results and to enjoy the process, discovering classes and activities that energize them and bring gains in cardio fitness, strength, stability and flexibility.

As a somewhat recent transplant to the Roaring Fork Valley, I am thrilled to be in an area that embraces such a healthy lifestyle and so many athletic endeavors. I am excited to be in a position to help gym-goers get stronger and better able to do the things they love outdoors.

I am an ACE certified personal trainer, certified Barre Intensity instructor, spin instructor, and also bring many years of dance and yoga experience to my work in the gym. As a mother of three I also have lots of experience with pre- and post- natal fitness and getting back into shape after taking long breaks!

Emily White

Personal Trainer
Group Instructor
Performance Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), CPT
Hatha Yoga Instructor, 200 hour
Functional Movement Systems (FMS), Levels 1 & 2 Certification

I love adventure. I enjoy the act of relaxing into long mountain bike rides, meandering trail runs, my yoga practice and my everyday life. There is a shift that happens when we settle into our own rhythm, commit to our journey and allow our destination to unfold before us.

This was not always my way. I grew up identifying myself an athlete. Be it tennis, golf, soccer, triathlons end even yoga; I was determined to achieve my goal and that usually meant muscling through whatever I had set my mind to accomplish. In my attempt to qualify for Boston, I got injured and went through the motions of physical therapy. I went through the exercises but not intently enough to enhance my performance. Years later, I had the opportunity to work with an adept fitness trainer that helped me become more nimble, fit and flexible. This sparked my interest in learning how to help people know their body better. 

I left Vermont and landed in Carbondale in 2011, equipped with a keen eye for analyzing and detecting imbalances in runners' gait patterns and a strong desire to help athletes live happier healthier lives. I immersed myself in a Hatha-based Yoga Teacher Training that taught me a methodical and refined way of activating muscles I didn’t know I had. My time working as a physical therapy aide put me on the front lines of helping folks recover from foot, knee, back, neck, and shoulder injuries.This experience helped me understand the local muscle system, the muscles that stabilize our joints so the prime movers can move with ease.

Now, I am a movement educator. I have developed an intimate relationship with the body and mind, and I have a clearer understanding of how our anatomical structure is designed to effortlessly move through space. I am adept at facilitating movement behavior that allows you to receive, refine and integrate movement patterns that are innate, yet dormant, in your being.

My goal is to help you feel better in your body by teaching you why, how and what you need to engage or lengthen to be more balanced in how you move. My approach is collaborative, exploratory and thoughtful. It is important to me that you are aligned before you load any movement pattern. I would love to help you get back to doing the activities you enjoy with a refined sense of self-awareness, inner strength and ease.

Will McAlpine

Personal Trainer
Performance Coach

I started my fitness journey in 2009 as an overweight and out-of-shape young adult: at 18 I weighed over 200lbs and couldn't even jog a quarter mile. Fed up with my unhealthy relationships and lifestyle, I moved to Miami and began the hard work of forging a better life for myself. I started by purchasing the Insanity Workout off of late-night infomercials on T.V., and completed the program in the little free space I had in my bedroom. Completing that program left me with a sense of accomplishment and self worth that I had never known before, and ignited my passion for health and fitness.

After several years of exploring that passion on a personal level, I made the decision to commit myself to it professionally as well, and certified myself as an ISSA Fitness Trainer. Since then, I have been lucky enough to work with and learn from numerous Fitness Professionals, and have expanded my skill set considerably. Now, I believe that every person has the right to a healthy, functional body that will allow them to live their lives free of pain, and with a high level of confidence in their own selves.

I consider it my responsibility to educate my clients in everything we do so that they can apply that knowledge to their daily lives, and eventually develop the skill set necessary to define and execute their own fitness regimen and lifestyle. To that end, I strive to keep all of my workouts Achievable, Effective, and Efficient, with special attention given to my clients ability to Sustain and Repeat all of our efforts on a scale unique to them.

I have spent a large portion of my life as less than what I was capable of, and it is now my sincere honor to assist you in finding the same joy and freedom that I have by earning a better version of yourself. 

Danielle Pellicano

Personal Fitness Trainer
Elite Performance Group Trainer
Personalized Endurance Coaching for Multi-Sport Enthusiast

I have over 10 years of experience developing clients of all ages and abilities, ranging from recreational to professional athletes. I played collegiate basketball and soccer for UCSC before moving on to my professional soccer career with the Minnesota Lightning.  Due to lack of opportunity for women in the sport my career was cut short forcing me to strive toward new goals. I entered my first marathon three months later and found my new passion, Endurance Sports.

Over the next decade I became a CAT 1 mountain bike racer, first female tandem team to complete the Leadville 100, multiple marathon and half marathon finishes in addition to becoming an Ironman and Half Ironman competitor. I became the premier endurance coach in Minneapolis and opened a high end fitness facility that offered youth and collegiate team training while catering to endurance athletes ranging from 5K runners to Leadville 100 Mtn bikers; I specialize in Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Program Development &Endurance Coaching with a firm belief in Functional Training. I have a knack for helping clients recognize their untapped potential and to achieve far more than they thought possible.

Given my formal education and background as a professional athlete bring an unmatched expertise in fitness. As your trainer I will help you set goals, mindfully work toward them and ultimately crush them (I may even workout with you side by side once in a while for added support!) I teach group classes that challenge your stability while building a stronger core, offer personalized one-on- one coaching for clients looking to work on imbalances and ultimately build greater muscular strength & endurance; I also provide premier coaching for endurance athletes through customized programming geared toward their upcoming race goals.
BA - UCSC, 2002
USA Triathlon, Level 1 Coach
USA Cycling, Level 3 Coach
Functional Training Patterns

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