Dee Schuler
Basalt, CO
I love to walk. When my legs began to hurt below my knees from walking so much, I had to quit. My chiropractor added support for my arches which shifted my balance to use muscles that were not strong. A couple of weeks ago, I joined TAC FIT and Megan showed me how to use the equipment and gave me specific exercises and stretches for my personal needs. She consistently follows up to be sure I'm okay with using the equipment and doing the stretches correctly. The equipment is new and amazing! I am getting stronger without any injuries. Because the gym is clean and the equipment is so good, I have been working out regularly and have noticed that the muscles are getting stronger and the pain is going away. The other day when I was walking up the hill from Basalt to Holland Hills, it was so easy! I was amazed that I could feel strength in the back of my legs that I didn't have before, which took the tension off of the lower part under my knees that had been hurting. I am so grateful for such quick results and excited that my lower back is feeling better, too. I'm looking forward to being more active again. I just noticed that I can now walk around my house without shoes again. I used to have to wear my shoes with the supports, or else I would have pain in my legs. Thank you Megan and TAC FIT!
Patrick Curry
Carbondale, CO
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The Aspen Clinic has enabled me to take my personal wellness to an entirely new level. Having access to a group of professionals, exercise, diet, clinical and behavioral experts has given me the guidance, direction, feedback and support to make the changes that I want to make to live a fuller, life.
TAC Comprehensive Management of Health
Frank McSwain
Carbondale, CO
TAC has helped me to become more educated about my health and my body and to better understand what is necessary for a healthy mind, body and spirit. It was refreshing to have a team monitor and push me to live a longer, fuller life.
Healthy Body and Healthy Weight
Barbie Henning
Carbondale, CO
TAC has given me a different outlook. I am more understanding of others and myself. I make a special effort to see and be thankful for this beautiful world.
Health Coaching
Aspen, CO
I wanted to share that yesterday I achieved a goal I set for myself over a year ago when I made the decision to get healthy for myself-I hiked the bowl! I would not have made it this far without the strong start I got with TAC and the 12 weeks to a healthier you program!

Thank you!
Deb Gravelle
Carbondale, CO
I recently finished the 12 weeks to a Healthier You and I really enjoyed the comradery with the other participants in the group. Knowing that others are struggling and sharing my issues helped me immensely. There were lots of positive comments and encouragement from the instructor. It's awesome to have someone look at the bright side of things. I was able to make lasting changes in just 3 months!
12 Weeks to a Healthier You!
Marisol Henriquea
Basalt, CO
TAC is really trying to please its customers. They have great classes (like Curtis' abs and butts ones) and they have added a fantastic zumba class with Paula Valento on Saturdays at noon. They keep the place nice and clean and if you are an early bird and like to work out early, TAC is up and running at 5:30 from Monday to Friday. I love this place!
Fitness and Wellness Services
Stacy S.
Glenwood Springs, CO
Informative, supportive and successful is how I describe this course. I have learned so much about myself and my body to have a lifetime of success. The group and one on one communication allowed me to feel supported and gave me the tools needed to accomplish my goals. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants success in losing weight.
12 weeks to a healthier you

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