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A Wellness, Fitness, and Performance center located in Basalt, for all individuals looking to improve or maintain their health goals. 

More than just a gym! Change Your Life!

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Lately I have been on a big energy ball kick! These balls are VERY easy to prepare and can be made in under 5 minutes! I make big batch on Sunday and keep them in the fridge all week.

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I hear this alot from clients: “I am addicted to sugar.”

Sound familiar?

Why is it so hard to kick the sugar habit…..to the point that we actually feel like an addict? The answer might be found by taking a closer look at our biology.
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What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you grab your phone, check your email, turn on the TV? Or do you welcome the day with daily affirmation, a breath work practice and gratitude?
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