TAC Wellness Services


 We provide an integrative approach that focuses on the whole person, recognizing that the subtle interactions of mind, body, spirit and community have a direct impact on vitality and well-being.


Mind  – A healthy mind uses resources to expand knowledge, to create and to grow.


Body – A healthy body is able to participate in activities that benefit the body.


Spirit  - A healthy spirit enhances the connection between mind and body by developing a healthy relationship with self, others, community and nature.


We offer these services:


Medical - We facilitate partnerships between patients, physicians and families. We want to ensure get the indicated care when and where they need and want it in  an environment to ensure an individualized positive health outcome over their life span by working together as a team and by assisting as much as necessary in the facilitation of services.  We view each individuals goals for healthy mind, body and spirit to be our objective and that positive outcome is our success. The environment we create to ensure this outcome is one that epitomizes “mind,body,spirit”; space, resources,relationships are interlocked and seen as one integrated family all working toward one goal< the patients positive health outcome.


Fitness - We look at the body as an integrated unit and then look at each individual part to identify what is causing the problem, we isolate and fix the cause of the problem and then we retrain the entire body to perform at the highest possible level. TAC Exercise Professionals can readily identify functional limitations and asymmetries in the body. We then monitor and track progress and identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual.


Wellness - Achieving and maintaining health is an ongoing process, which can be shaped by education, lifestyle choices, environmental factors, and individual characteristics and behaviors. Focusing on lifestyle and their relationships with functional health we have the ability to adapt and self manage our health, utilizing a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in a overall sense of well-being. An active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.


Nutrition - Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with  a healthy diet. Our nutrition programs have many aspects designed to educate, inspire and create life long health and well-being   These programs can be specialized and individualized in meal planning, economics, preparation, group and self-directed, goal oriented.  Dietitians are health professionals who are trained to provide safe, evidence-based dietary advice and management to individuals (in health and disease).


Medical: Health & Wellness: Performance/Fitness:
  • Comprehensive Physical Assessment
  • Medical Diagnosis Management
  • Lab Diagnostics and Blood work
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Health Coach
  • Assistance 24/7
  • Fitness Membership
  • Personal Training
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: addressing the psycho/emotional self
  • Nutrition and Diet Management
  • Healthy Weight Program
  • Healthy Sleep Program
  • Health Coach
  • Massage Therapy
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
  • Reiki Energy
  • Assistance 24/7
  • Physical Assessment
  • Periodization Training
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Program Adjustment
  • Personal Training
  • Classes: Yoga, TRX, etc.
  • Boot Camp Full Stay
  • Body Work - Stretching / Massage

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