TAC Performance Center

Have you plateaued in your training? 
Do you struggle with injuries and unknown weaknesses inhibiting your progress?
Does your current training regimen hold you accountable?
Do you have a fitness goal but are unclear on how to achieve it? 
Are you an athlete who thinks they know everything and hasn't changed your workout routine in months?

Trainers & Coaches

We have hand selected trainers who are masters in their field to coach the foundations of functional strength training - centered around “multi-plane ballistic movements” and providing FAST PACED, FORM-FIRST workouts! We’ve combined the best of some of your favorite classes - HITT, Functional Training, Pilates, and more - to give you the best workout imaginable.


What you can expect:

Each training session is designed to push you toward achieving optimal performance and will begin with a strong emphasis on MOBILITY to ensure your body is ready for the demands of the workout. This requires moving without compensations. Our workouts will provide the stimulus necessary to engage the right muscle systems at the right time with proper body mechanics. This is what we mean by training “functionally;” it ensures that your body is ready to react to any adaptation set forth before you in your sport or simply your daily life.


The meat of your workout will be FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH CIRCUITS introducing Dumbbell and Kettlebell Swings, Ballistic Med Ball Throws, Contralateral Strength Training to promote greater Stability & High Intensity Heartrate Training administered through Speed and Power exercises focusing on Lateral Agility and Explosive Plyometrics. Each session will conclude with a 10 minute cool-down teaching the importance of Myofascial Release and how to apply these techniques correctly to promote muscle RECOVERY!



Performance Center Only $165 Per Month

All Inclusive - Performance Center and Fitness Center $195 per month


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