TAC FITness and Wellness Trainers, Instructors, Nutritionists & Therapists

Amanda Wagner

Executive Director
Health Coach
Personal Trainer
Group Class Instructor

Amanda is Colorado Mountain Girl through and through. Born and raised in Glenwood Springs and a graduate from the University of Colorado with degrees in Psychology and Communication.
She learned quickly out of collage that she can't do what she loves if she did not spend time consistently focusing on her personal health and wellness. So after 10 years in the hospitably industry, she quit her job, got her Personal Training and Health Coaching Certifications and help start The Aspen Clinic. That was 5 years ago. Today, Amanda is still committed to inspiring, cultivating and celebrating health and vitality throughout Colorado. Her aim with TAC is to assist individuals and organizations in total health and encourage awareness of health related issues to empower individuals to lead a healthier and fuller life.
Her life motto is: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER."

Jennifer Mendez

Lead Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal Trainer/Instructor
CHEK BioMechanics Certified
TPI Certified - Level 2 Golf Fitness Professional
Functional Movement Screen Certified
NASM - Sports Fitness Specialist
NSCA-CSCS Certified

I use a wide variety of fitness tools to bring out the Best in You. My workouts are fun and challenging and will push you in a direction based on your specific goals and needs.

When I left the accounting field in 1998 to pursue my interest in fitness, it immediately became a passion. I have extensive training and certifications which all complement my belief that anyone can have improved posture, flexibility & strength at any age. I specialize in the biomechanics of the body to help each client excel in their sport including golf, tennis, running, skiing, endurance training as well as general fitness. I have a talent for helping my clients overcome back pain and balance issues as well as improving posture, fitness endurance and injury prevention.

I also believe that the body is a system of systems that all work together and feed off each other. I want to help you to discover more about how your body moves and how you can train to feel better, become more energized and stay moving pain free for the many years to come!

Jen has over 30 certifications in the fitness/health field including:

  • Golf BioMechanics (at the renowned CHEK Institute)
  • TPI Golf Fitness Professional – Level 1 & 2 (Titleist Performance Institute)
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) – CPT & Sports Fitness Specialist
  • Integrated Flexibility Training (through NASM)
  • Scientific Back & Scientific Core (CHEK Institute)
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor (finding yours and what foods work best for you)
  • Nutrition Lifestyle Coach (CHEK Institute)

I am a Dallas native and graduated from University of North Texas with an Accounting degree. I have been doing various races since 1992 -- road & trail runs, adventure races, triathlons, marathons, ultra-marathons, winter up-hill races, etc. I also enjoy golfing, biking, hiking and eating! I moved to the valley in 2009 and absolutely love the energy and activity of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Danielle Pellicano

Personal Fitness Trainer
Elite Performance Group Trainer
Personalized Endurance Coaching for Multi-Sport Enthusiast

I have over 10 years of experience developing clients of all ages and abilities, ranging from recreational to professional athletes. I played collegiate basketball and soccer for UCSC before moving on to my professional soccer career with the Minnesota Lightning.  Due to lack of opportunity for women in the sport my career was cut short forcing me to strive toward new goals. I entered my first marathon three months later and found my new passion, Endurance Sports.

Over the next decade I became a CAT 1 mountain bike racer, first female tandem team to complete the Leadville 100, multiple marathon and half marathon finishes in addition to becoming an Ironman and Half Ironman competitor. I became the premier endurance coach in Minneapolis and opened a high end fitness facility that offered youth and collegiate team training while catering to endurance athletes ranging from 5K runners to Leadville 100 Mtn bikers; I specialize in Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Program Development &Endurance Coaching with a firm belief in Functional Training. I have a knack for helping clients recognize their untapped potential and to achieve far more than they thought possible.

Given my formal education and background as a professional athlete bring an unmatched expertise in fitness. As your trainer I will help you set goals, mindfully work toward them and ultimately crush them (I may even workout with you side by side once in a while for added support!) I teach group classes that challenge your stability while building a stronger core, offer personalized one-on- one coaching for clients looking to work on imbalances and ultimately build greater muscular strength & endurance; I also provide premier coaching for endurance athletes through customized programming geared toward their upcoming race goals.
BA - UCSC, 2002
USA Triathlon, Level 1 Coach
USA Cycling, Level 3 Coach
Functional Training Patterns


Curtis Schwab

Personal Fitness Trainer
Group Class Instructor

As a 33 year veteran of all aspects of the fitness industry, I have seen all of the 'latest and greatest' fitness fads come and go and come back again. I have traveled the world with clients and national publications. I designed, staffed, and equipped more than 15 gyms in NYC and Aspen (Even Saudi Arabia and Switzerland!), worked on movie sets, sat on exercise certification boards, consulted international clients on their health and fitness needs, and taught exercise classes for my entire career, including more than 200 people in Central Park!

With all my experience, I have discovered the only true method to changing your physique is... Consistency! Any exercise program will work, some programs are less risky than others, but they all will work with time, effort, and attention. Everyone has strong days and weak days, the battle is getting to the gym in the first place. Just get here! At least 3 times a week for results, twice a week for maintenance. Of course building muscle strength and burning calories are just 1/2 of the formula, what you eat, and as important, when you eat makes a huge difference!

I spent months selecting the equipment for the fitness and post rehab facility to make it the most complete and varied workout facility in the mid-Valley. As the Director of Development for our Fitness Center, I sincerely hope to bring interesting and informative exercise related programming and only the highest caliber trainers to the members of our Family. Please feel free to take advantage of my extensive experience and knowledge and ask about your personal exercise needs, limitations, and goals. I am always happy to consult and give free advice as my personal training hours will be limited.

Bryan Thomas

Personal Trainer/Instructor
NPTI Personal Trainer, NPTI Nutritional Consultant, Z-Health
Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist

As a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in Lakewood, CO, Bryan has been exposed to clients of all walks of life. In the past 10 years of training experience, he's found his niche in helping others to lose weight and keep it off. After an 80 pound weight loss of his own, he not only knows what it's like to be uncomfortable with where you're at, but how to get to where you want to be.

Having and evolving interest in fitness and nutrition education, Bryan is always learning and improving his training skillset to provide the latest and most up-to-date science-based approach to getting his clients results. Whether the goal is weight loss, performance enhancement, strength building, or movement fluidity, Bryan has ample experience as a trainer and a coach to help you achieve those goals.

Bryan's philosophy is simple, "You don't need more, you need better." Too often we go through the motions trying to get results, and too often we fall short of our own expectations. When looking at any health or fitness goal, there may be a multitude of paths to get there, so let's choose the one that's right for you.

Jesse Rivera

Personal Fitness Trainer

I was born in El Paso, Texas but was mainly brought up in the Roaring Fork Valley in the beautiful state of Colorado. I enjoy all types of sports and physical activity from football, basketball, hiking to MMA; you name it, as long as there's a challenge, I’m into it.

I believe in order to progress and succeed you must challenge the mind, body and soul to meet the demands of whatever obstacle is presented to you, at any given time. One of my favorite quotes is: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." -Mahatma Gandhi

My ideal workout consists of (1) Flexibility training, to help aid in treating and preventing nerve and muscle tissue damage resulting from postural imbalances and injury; (2) Stability exercises, to stabilize the joints and maintain optimal posture and to help improve neuromuscular efficiency (balance, stabilization, muscular coordination); (3) Strength exercises, to improve overall work capacity, increase prime mover strength, enhance joint stabilization, increase lean body mass, improve peak force and increase motor unit recruitment, and; (4) Endurance exercises, to help meet the demands of higher intensity workouts. I create programs built on a foundation of principles that progressively and systematically allows any client to achieve optimal levels of physiologic, physical and performance adaptations and is created by using an integrated and functional training approach. My programs are suitable for anyone, regardless if you are a world class athlete, or if you are just getting started and are looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Most importantly, I believe workouts should always be safe, enjoyable, yet challenging. Workout benefits should always outweigh the risk of injury.

Lisa S. Paige

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

The RFV became my home in 2010 when I moved here from the Front Range. As the lead dietitian in a local hospital, I became aware of the need for our community to have access to professionals trained in evidence-based medical nutrition therapy.

For many people, the image of a dietitian is someone in a white coat who hands out the menu at the hospital. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Health Coach, I assist people with the lifestyle and nutrition changes they want to manage their medical conditions. I specialize in nutrition for Adult and Pediatrics Weight Management, Chronic Disease Self-Management, Emotional Overeating, Cancer Survivorship, and Healthy Aging. I’m happy to be on the team at TAC!

When not working with clients, I enjoy the incredible outdoor playground we live in! From hiking 14ers to music festivals, I’m loving it all.

Mark Henderson

Body Worker
Massage Therapist

My name is Mark Henderson and I am a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker in practice since 1984.

I offer you customized therapy treatments, depending on your goals, be they for relief of pain, posture improvement, exercise recovery, movement enhancement, injury prevention, or relaxation.

I work with the most effective techniques from Neuromuscular Therapy, Structural Integration, Sports Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish Massage, and others.

I look forward to helping you to reach your goals.

Parker Condit

Personal Trainer/Instructor/Specialist in Fitness Nutrition - I.S.S.A.

In late 2014, Parker moved to the Roaring Fork Valley, leaving behind New Jersey where he had called home for most of his life. Sports and fitness were always a dominant part of his life growing up and continued through college where he was a two-sport athlete. In 2015, he decided to take his life’s passion for fitness and turn it into a career by becoming a certified personal trainer.

Parker’s training philosophy is based around empowering people through movement. “I like to use exercise movements as a Trojan Horse of sorts to help teach people how to move, not just in the gym, but through life. Nobody wants an hour-long lesson on how to sit in a chair, but teaching someone how to squat ends up transferring to their daily movement patterns outside of the gym. I think it’s important for a one-hour training session to positively affect the other 23 hours of their day. I love the opportunity to help people move through the world on their terms and without limitations.”

Outside of the gym Parker spends his time with Max, his new puppy and is working towards a nutrition certification from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver. Additionally, he is a board member and advocate for Aspen Strong, a non-profit promoting mental hygiene and connecting mental health resources to people living in the RFV.

Alicia Talbot

Certified Personal Trainer
Health Coach

Alicia Talbot is a Certified Personal Trainer with 20 years experience coaching adults and children in a variety of activities including skiing, mountain biking, and soccer. Winter is one of her favorite seasons when she can be on the slopes teaching skiing. Core strength, balance, flexibility, and cross training are skills Alicia likes to focus on for injury prevention, athletic performance and day to day activities. She also believes nutrition plays a huge role in reaching fitness goals. Alicia’s true passion is sharing her love of being active with her students and coaching them to meet their health and fitness goals. Her other certifications include; PIYO Live, TRX, and she is a certified Health Coach.

Connie Rice

Personal Fitness Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor

Unlike many trainers, I did not grow up participating in sports and had no experience whatsoever in an active lifestyle---until I moved to Aspen in my early 20s. The lifestyle of the Roaring Fork Valley prompted me to join in and become active myself. This led me to sharing what I learned with others. The desire to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle and meet their fitness goals motivated me to obtain my personal trainer certification. In addition, I have worked in the sports medicine field for many years. This has given me a unique perspective and knowledge which I integrate into my personal training.

As your personal trainer I will assess where you are currently, set goals with you, create a program/plan for you, and coach and motivate you to stick with it so those goals can be achieved. Consistency over time is the cornerstone that I emphasize, and the nutritional component is not overlooked. Although hard work, I think most workouts should be fun and empowering.

I am a certified American Council on Exercise personal trainer, a certified TRX instructor, and am trained to teach SpinPower indoor cycling. Other skills include small group and one-on-one training---from teens to seniors. I love learning and keeping current about health and fitness and currently am working towards a certificate as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist.

My hobbies include running, hiking, skiing and biking, spending time with my husband and also giving back to our community.

Allison Davis

Cycling Instructor

Johnny G – Spinning Instructor
WRC/WFR – Wilderness First Responder

I am a Johnny G certified spinning instructor (12 years), as well as a backcountry wilderness guide for Aspen Alpine Guides (5 years). My experience includes leading clients into the backcountry for rock climbing, alpine hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and snowshoeing.

As a passionate outdoor enthusiast, I have also had the privilege of serving as a wilderness instructor for children and adults with autism and special needs in North Carolina, Atlanta, Arizona, New York City and Aspen. I served as the Assistant Race Director for the Aspen Cycling Club from 2008 – 2010 and am a passionate road cyclist and mountain biker.

Mike Pier

Personal Trainer
Group Instructor

ACE - certified GROUP FITNESS instructor
MAD DOGG SPINNING certified instructor
American Red Cross CPR/AED certified

Mike was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley. He has a passion for fitness and believes ones workout should be motivating and empowering.

Mike currently lives in the mid-valley and enjoys the outdoors – especially water skiing, spending time with friends and family and of course as much time as he can with his dog.

Tara Clemons

Occupational Therapist

My path in health and wellness and education began at a young age in working with children from 0-12; most from diverse cultural backgrounds with a wide-range of developmental conditions. It was through this journey that I discovered occupational therapy and my growing interests in working with individuals along the lifespan specifically in the area of promoting health and wellness. 

In 2014 I received a Masters in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Eastern Washington University, my hometown of Spokane, WA. Prior to that I received a Bachelors degree in art therapy.

As an OT my primary focus is to establish a firm foundation in listening and getting to know the person in their own unique presence. With that, my background in anatomy and physiology, mental health and human conditions also helps guide in meeting the patient where they are. I assist individuals in exploring and identifying the root causes of what they are experiencing in order to restore balance in their lives. This process then allows for collaboration in creating realistic goals that support current desires/needs of the individual so they are able to engage more fully in what is most meaningful to them.

With each person’s unique “story” comes a wide-range of conditions to address including:

  • Diabetes management,
  • Orthopedic injuries,
  • Stress management i.e. anxiety, depression, insomnia
  •  Autoimmune deficiencies,
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Neurological impairments
  • Chronic conditions

As a practitioner my services extend in a variety of ways such as:

  • Developing individualized, holistic exercise programs,
  • Manual therapy
  • Mindfulness stress reduction training
  • Home evaluations; assessing ergonomics of furniture, safety modifications, adding any adaptive equipment/devices,
  • Promotion of energy conservation and healthy movement patterns and routines
  • Doctor visit accompanying
  • Grocery shopping to assist in establishing healthy/new routines around eating; anti-inflammatory diets, food allergies.

Self-care is also a large focus of OT and teaching individuals ways  to listen to the body using a variety of modalities and practices. My certification in yoga therapy is also an integral approach to OT that offers an opportunity to assess the imbalances within the body/mind and using yoga movement/postures, meditation and nutrition to reestablish the instinctual balances. 

Neal Pressman

Massage Therapist
Body Worker

Neal has been a full time, practicing Massage Therapist since his graduation from the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy in 1994.  During that time, he has worked both abroad (Israel, Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic), as well as here in the United States. Neal specializes in the relief of chronic pains through Myofascial Release, Manual Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Structural Integration.  His style is a unique combination of techniques gathered over his years of experience and trainings; geared toward achieving a structural balance of the body.

He believes that many common pains and joint restrictions are due to soft tissue imbalances that can be corrected with Manual Therapy and Bodywork.   A firm believer in continuing education, Neal enjoys taking relevant classes on a yearly basis to enhance his knowledge and skill set.  

Originally from Philadelphia, PA,  Neal chose to settle in the Roaring Fork Valley in 2002 after years of working abroad.  When he's not at work, he loves getting outside to enjoy the amazing outdoor activities that this valley has to offer. He is also an avid cook and an eager world traveler. Schedule an appointment with Neal today and see how he can help you move and feel better, and reach your fitness goals along the way.

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