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A Wellness, Fitness, and Performance center located in Basalt, for all individuals looking to improve or maintain their health goals. 

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Mexican food! It’s delicious and everyone loves it, but it can be a tad difficult to keep things on the lighter side when eating Mexican fare. Here are some tips for eating a little healthier at Cinco De Mayo!
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Whenever I’m having one of those weeks where my body is feeling sluggish and tired or I’m starting to detect the beginning of a cold, I turn to Turmeric. Turmeric is a powerful healer. Its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have linked it to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, liver disease, arthritis, Alzheimers, and diabetes.
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Just kidding, you can have all of this delicious roasted tomato soup that you want!

Tomatoes get a lot of buzz in the nutrition world and for good reason. Tomatoes are loaded with the most well known antioxidant/carotenoid, lycopene.
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